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With the power of AI, ensure every customer gets the information they need. Use the eBotSpot chatbot platform to answer questions, handle inquiries, and perform tasks online 24/7.

Intelligent Builder

Work Smarter. Delight Your Customers

eBotSpot’s Virtual Assistant Maker allows you to create and deploy Virtual Assistants providing fast answers to your customers and automating repetitive tasks performed by your organization.

Let a Virtual Assistant take care of common questions, freeing up your team to focus on other activities. Reduce repetitive work by using Virtual Assistants to automate tasks and perform workflows requested by your customers.

Virtual Assistant Maker

Easy To Use. Sophisticated Capabilities

The Virtual Assistant Maker platform includes an integrated authoring environment, AI to understand and instantly answer customer requests, and visual analytics to measure and display a Virtual Assistant’s usage and effectiveness. Workflow automation can capture information and then automatically create Salesforce cases and perform integrations with other applications. No coding required.

Build, connect, deploy, and manage Virtual Assistants to interact with your customers and prospects on a website, Facebook, and other channels used by your users.

Reporting & Analytics

See how well your Virtual Assistant is doing

With Virtual Assistant Maker engagement stats are integrated into your dashboard—allowing you to get detailed metrics on your Virtual Assistant usage in real time.

Automate your business’s Facebook Messenger conversations

Get More Leads. Automate FAQs. Increase Sales.

Your Virtual Assistant can easily be connected to a Facebook page or Facebook ad. Automate responses to common questions and user requests.

Try a few Virtual Assistants

Take a test drive

Chatbots produced with Virtual Assistant Maker enable the chatbot user both natural language processing and button-based navigational experiences. Try a few chatbots provided below.

Coronavirus chatbot

This demonstration healthcare chatbot assists people in a specific region find locations they can get vaccinated as well as informs them about frauds and scams. This is a good starting point for health and government organizations to create chatbots that answer common questions about COVID-19 and where to get vaccinated.

Visit COVID-19 chatbot »

Pet Insurance Chatbot

Visit a pet insurance website and have a conversation with one of our chatbots. Ask for an insurance quote.

Visit Pet Insurance chatbot »

No time to create your own?

Too busy to create your own chatbot? Contact us to see how we can help.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants


Our machine learning-powered SaaS solution solves key problems and automates legacy processes, while remaining completely customizable to every unique use case. Using pre-built scenarios, language understanding, and custom workflows, a Virtual Assistant determines a user’s intentions and provides the most relevant response back to the user. Virtual Assistants are architected to self-improve overtime.


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